1. Garfield worked on what boat as a teen?

2. What school did Garfield enter in 1849?

3. How many students got honors in Garfield's Williams class?

4. What religious group did Garfield join?

5. How old was Garfield when he entered Congress?

6. Garfield fell ill with what disease during the Civil War?

7. At what age did Garfield begin keeping a journal?

8. Which close friend of Garfield's served as Lincoln's treasury secretary?

9. Which of the following schools did Garfield NOT consider attending?

10. Which job did Garfield list as his occupation while in Congress?

11. While in Congress, Garfield was involved in a scandal over what?

12. From 1871 to 1875, Garfield served as chair of what important senate committee?

13. The Western Reserve Eclectic Institute later became known as what college?

14. Whom did Garfield officially support at the 1880 presidential convention?

15. Garfield once used a fire extinguisher to punish which son?

16. What was the highest rank Garfield achieved during the Civil War?

17. For which general did Garfield serve as chief of staff?

18. What landmark court case did Garfield argue in front of the Supreme Court?

19. Where did Garfield teach?

20. Which party opposed Garfield's fiscal policies in 1878?

21. What event did Garfield's Secretary of State organize?

22. Garfield defeated which Democrat for the presidency?

23. Who was Garfield's vice president?

24. Garfield fought which New York Senator for control of the New York Customs House?

25. Who shot Garfield?

26. Garfield's death helped spur what legislation?