1. In which colony was Thomas Jefferson born?

2. Which of the following countries does NOT figure in to Jefferson's line of descent?

3. How old was Jefferson when his father died?

4. Where did Jefferson attend college?

5. What was Jefferson's first profession?

6. How old was Jefferson when first named to the House of Burgesses?

7. What was the name of the house that Jefferson constructed on his estate?

8. What was the name of Jefferson's wife?

9. What was the title of Jefferson's first published document?

10. Which of Jefferson's associates famously uttered, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

11. Where was the Second Continental Congress held?

12. Which of the following institutions was NOT attacked by Jefferson in his legislative proposals to the Virginia Assembly?

13. When did Jefferson become governor of Virginia?

14. What foreign power played the strongest role in helping American forces defeat the British in the Revolutionary War?

15. What was the main reason for the Virginia Assembly's investigation of Jefferson in 1781?

16. Which man was NOT one of Jefferson's close associates during his years in Paris?

17. What was Jefferson's title in the Washington administration?

18. Who was Jefferson's chief rival in the Washington administration?

19. What was the name of the party that organized behind Jefferson's political principles?

20. The presidential race of which year did not involve Thomas Jefferson as a candidate?

21. What were the years of Jefferson's presidency?

22. What subversive document did Jefferson author while Vice President of the United States?

23. What controversial doctrine formulated by Jefferson was later taken up by Southern secessionists?

24. In what city did Jefferson serve his two terms as President?

25. What was Jefferson's philosophy of entertaining at dinner parties known as?

26. Who served as Jefferson's Secretary of Treasury?

27. Which state entered the Union during Jefferson's first term as President?

28. What legal principle was established in the Marbury v. Madison decision?

29. What Chief Justice of the Supreme Court antagonized Jefferson throughout his presidency?

30. What North African principality did the United States engage in an extended war with?

31. Who ruled France during Jefferson's presidency?

32. The United States aided France in their attempt to suppress a slave revolt in which colony?

33. What crucial Mississippi River port city did Jefferson stake his fortunes on?

34. For how much did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory?

35. From whom did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory?

36. Who served as Jefferson's Vice President during his second term in office?

37. Which future political leader was NOT involved in Burr's conspiracy to secede from the United States?

38. What official eventually betrayed the purpose of Burr's conspiracy to Jefferson?

39. Which statement established Napoleon's claim to French dominance in European seaports?

40. Which British frigate attacked the American ship Chesapeake?

41. What American policy suspended all trade with European Nations?

42. What fellow Virginian was one of Jefferson's harshest critics during his second administration?

43. Who immediately succeeded Jefferson as President?

44. What was the major curse that plagued Jefferson in his retirement?

45. What was the name of Jefferson's second home?

46. What institution of higher learning did Jefferson play a founding role in?

47. What personal collection did Jefferson sell to help relieve a portion of his debt?

48. How old was Jefferson when he wrote his autobiography?

49. How was Jefferson's debt eventually resolved?

50. Who famously died on the same day as Jefferson, exactly fifty years after the Declaration of Independence?