1. How many brothers did Michelangelo have in total?

2. What was the occupation of Michelangelo's wet-nurse's family?

3. In whose studio did Michelangelo serve as an apprentice as a boy in Florence?

4. What was the nickname of Lorenzo de' Medici, the wealthy Florentine patron who invited the teenage Michelangelo into his home?

5. Who of the following was NOT an influential member of the Medici court while Michelangelo was there?

6. In what city did Michelangelo receive his commission for Bacchus?

7. Which of the following major projects did Pope Julius II NOT commission from Michelangelo?

8. Which of the following Medici Pope commissions never made it past the model stage?

9. Which Pope reigned when the 1527 Sack of Rome occurred?

10. What took up most of Michelangelo's time in 1528 and 1529?

11. To whom did Michelangelo dedicate many love poems when he lived in Rome?

12. What major commission did Paul III give Michelangelo?

13. Who of the following people had the greatest religious and personal influence on Michelangelo in his fifties and sixties?

14. Who was a great proponent of Neoplatonism during the Renaissance?

15. What is the title of Michelangelo's final painting?

16. When did the Council of Trent first meet?

17. What was the only work that Michelangelo ever signed?

18. Who was one of the greatest critics of the Last Judgment?

19. Who of the following artists did NOT contribute to the design of St. Peter's before Michelangelo took over around 1546?

20. What is the shape of the Campidoglio courtyard?

21. When was the first edition of Vasari's Lives of the Artists published?

22. When was Ascanio Condivi's Life of Michelangelo published?

23. Which of the following was NOT one of Michelangelo's final three sculptures?

24. Who was the leader of the "panty-painters"?

25. Where is Michelangelo buried?