1. The area around Monroe's birthplace became known as what?

2. Whom did Monroe meet while attending the Campbelton School?

3. How old was Monroe when he lost both his parents?

4. As a student, what building did Monroe help storm and loot?

5. What was the highest rank Monroe achieved during the Revolution?

6. Where was Monroe wounded during the Revolution?

7. Monroe developed an express courier service between Virginia and what other colony?

8. Where did the Revolution end?

9. Monroe studied law under whom?

10. In 1782, Monroe won election to what body?

11. Where was Monroe given land in return for his service in the Revolution?

12. In the first elections in the state of Virginia, Monroe ran as a token candidate for what position?

13. How many children did Monroe have?

14. What document caused a stir in France during Monroe's time there as minister?

15. Which of the following did NOT participate in writing the Federalist Papers?

16. While a U.S. Senator, Monroe prevented which Delaware senator from being seated?

17. Who showed up in Paris to replace Monroe as minister to France?

18. The nomination of which U.S. official warned Washington of Monroe's growing influence?

19. The appointment of Monroe as minister to France was meant to counterbalance whose appointment as minister to Britain?

20. What was one of the reasons Monroe cited for not originally supporting the U.S. Constitution?

21. The crisis over Missouri statehood permanently ended what?

22. Monroe published a 407-page book outlining what?

23. Monroe bought the Louisiana Purchase for how much?

24. The Louisiana Purchase originally stemmed from a dispute over which port?

25. Which state was Monroe's wife from?

26. In the summer of 1800, Monroe combated an outbreak of what disease in Norfolk?

27. How many times did Monroe serve as governor of Virginia?

28. What was the name of Monroe's plantation in Virginia?

29. What two cabinet positions did Monroe hold?

30. To which of the following countries did Monroe NOT serve as an ambassador?

31. During his tour of the northern states, where did Monroe meet the woman who dressed his Revolutionary War wounds?

32. Who was Monroe's vice president?

33. The term "the Era of Good Feelings" was coined in which city?

34. The Adams-Onis Treaty settled the land dispute over Florida with which European power?

35. All of Monroe's cabinet officials stayed with him the entire term EXCEPT which one?

36. What college granted Monroe an honorary Doctorate of Laws?

37. Which slave rebellion did Monroe successfully put down while governor?

38. As president, Monroe annexed which U.S. state, settling an old score?

39. How long did Monroe's "temporary" assignment overseas under Jefferson last?

40. Who blocked Monroe's efforts to win a commission in the War of 1812 because of a perceived family slight?

41. The Federalist Party largely fell apart after which event?

42. Who opposed Monroe in the general presidential election of 1816?

43. How many electoral votes did Monroe receive in 1820?

44. The Missouri Compromise facilitated the addition of what free state?

45. The Panic of 1819 occurred in what year?

46. Who won the presidency after Monroe?

47. The Monroe Doctrine was laid out in what year?

48. How many of the first five U.S. presidents died on Independence Day?

49. In 1831, how much did the government finally reimburse Monroe for his expenses?

50. Where was Monroe reburied in 1858?