1. What was the name of Vincent van Gogh's stillborn older brother?

2. How much older was Vincent than his brother Theo?

3. Who was van Gogh's favorite writer as a young man?

4. What was the name of the first woman with whom Vincent fell in love?

5. In which of the following cities did Vincent live immediately before leaving for Paris?

6. Where did van Gogh complete The Potato Eaters?

7. With which of the following artists did van Gogh study while in Paris?

8. Which of the following artists was most closely affiliated with the neo- Impressionist (also known as Pointillist or Divisionist) movement that influenced van Gogh while in Paris?

9. With whom did van Gogh become closest friends in Paris?

10. Which of the following had the least influence on van Gogh's art in Paris?

11. What color was Vincent's house in Arles?

12. With which of the following artists did van Gogh NOT exhange self-portraits while in Arles?

13. Which of the following did Vincent NOT paint while in Arles?

14. As what objects did van Gogh symbolically represent himself and Gauguin in his paintings?

15. We have NO indication of van Gogh having had which ailment?

16. Which of the following important events did not take place while Vincent was in the St. Remy asylum?

17. Which of the following was Vincent reported to have eaten during attacks in St. Remy?

18. Whose review of his work does van Gogh read and appreciate while in St. Remy?

19. Whose work did Vincent NOT copy meticulously while in St. Remy?

20. Under what name did Vincent insist on signing and cataloguing his work?

21. What is the name of the doctor who supervised Vincent while he was in Auvers?

22. Where did Vincent stay while in Auvers?

23. What important technical change did Vincent make to some of his final paintings?

24. Where was Vincent when he shot himself?

25. Where is Theo van Gogh buried today?