Problem : Is the process of DNA replication different in meiosis versus mitosis? What are the products of DNA replication in meiosis?

DNA replication occurs through the same mechanisms in both meiosis and mitosis. After replication, a maternal homologue and its copy, or sister chromatid become closely associated. The same thing happens with the original paternal homologue. DNA replication results in two homologous pairs of chromosomes.

Problem : What is the purpose of the genetic reassortment, or cross-over, that occurs in meiosis?

Genetic reassortment provides for genetic variability in offspring cells. Unlike in mitosis where a cell reproduces an exact copy of itself, meiosis involves genetic recombination that leads to similar, but new and diverse cells.

Problem : During what phase of meiosis does genetic reassortment take place?

During prophase 1.

Problem : What occurs during genetic reassortment?

During genetic reassortment, portions of one of the chromosomes in each homologous pair break off and exchange. This leads to a small piece of the maternal homologue becoming a part of the paternal homologue and vice versa.

Problem : What is the name of the region of physical connection between maternal and paternal homologous pairs where recombination takes place?

The chiasma.


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