Problem : Which of the following figures represents likely resulting cells of the first meiotic division?

Figure 3, on the far left is the more likely product of the first meiotic division for two reasons. First, its diploid pairs stem from only one parental source. Second, it contains regions of genetic crossover

Problem : Which is the longest phase of meiosis?

Prophase 1 can last up to 90% of the entire duration of meiosis because the very important genetic reassortment event occurs during it.

Problem : Are the sister chromatids present in a cell in prometaphase 1 identical?

No. While they are very similar, sister chromatids in prometaphase 1 are slightly different because of the small segment of crossover between parental homologous pairs that results from prophase 1 genetic reassortment.

Problem : Fill in the blanks. During mitosis, chromosomes are separated by microtubules attached to their their _________. In meiosis, on the other hand, a microtubule attaches to a structure called a _________.

Kinetochores or centromeres. Chiasma.

Problem : What is the main difference between the events of anaphase 1 and those of mitotic anaphase?

During anaphase, maternal and paternal sister chromatids are separated to opposite ends of the cell via microtubules. In anaphase 1 of meiosis, the maternal homologous pair and the paternal homologous pair are separated to opposite ends of the cell before division.


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