Problem : Which of the following pairs of cells could likely be products of meiotic division II?

The first pair is the most likely product of meiotic division II for two reasons. First, the cells each contain a haploid number of chromosomes. Second, the chromosome in one of the products contains a region of genetic crossover.

Problem : What is the name of the phase of the second meiotic division in which chromosomes align at the center of the cell?

Metaphase 2.

Problem : How is prophase 1 different from prophase 2?

Recall that during prophase 1, genetic reassortment takes place. As a result, prophase 1 can last many days. During prophase 2, no further genetic reassortment occurs and therefore it lasts only a short time compared to prophase 1.

Problem : What is the difference between mitotic interphase and the meiotic interphase that separates the two rounds of division?

During the long mitotic interphase, cells undergo a number of preparations for cell division. These include monitoring of cell size and environment and DNA replication. The interphase that separates the two meiotic divisions is much shorter than mitotic interphase and no DNA replication takes place. In meiotic interphase, brief chromosome decondensation may occur.

Problem : Fill in the blanks. Cells entering the second round of meiosis have a ________ number of chromosomes. After cell division, they have a _________ number of chromosomes. This is because meiosis leads to the production of _________ cells.

Diploid. Haploid. Germ.


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