Problem : Explain the difference between seed propagation and vegetative propagation.

With seed propagation, reproduction occurs through embryos (contained in seeds) that are produced sexually. With vegetative propagation, by contrast, plants reproduce asexually through genetically identical offshoots (clones), which then develop into independent plants.

Problem : What are the advantages to vegetative propagation in comparison with seed propagation?

Vegetative propagation can occur more rapidly than seed propagation and can allow a genetically superior plant to produce unlimited copies of itself without variation.

Problem : What is the name for the process by which a severed plant part grows into a whole new plant?


Problem : List three kinds of specialized structures developed by some plants to allow vegetative propagation.

Tubers, runners, and bulbs.

Problem : What occurs at the nodes of runners?

Each node can give rise to new roots and shoots, so that an entirely new plant can develop.