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10 Beautiful Quotes That Will Send You Running Naked Into the Outdoors

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It’s the Centennial of the National Parks Service today, and I for one am thrilled to celebrate 100 years of conservation, tiny green shorts, and curated pine cones, without which Yellowstone (est. 1872) would surely by now have been paved over as “Disneyland Hot Springs” and Yosemite would have been turned into the world’s largest drive-through Starbucks. I’ve visited 11 out the U.S.’s 59 national parks, and have an abiding passion for pretty lichen formations and hiking snacks, which is why we’ve gotten some our our fave artists together to illustrate the best wilderness quotes.

After you make your way through the slideshow, I guarantee you will be tearing off your clothes and running into the nearest Redwoods forest chanting Muir.