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10 Fictional Characters Who Are Way Worse at Flirting Than You

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Flirting is just having a conversation with someone you wouldn’t mind making out with and indicating, over the course of that conversation, that you wouldn’t mind making out with them. That’s all flirting is.

In the moment, however, it doesn’t feel quite so simple. In the moment, the stakes feel absurdly high. Your heart is pounding like you are a spy in enemy territory, and your palms are sweating like you’re having a calculated chat with a foreign dignitary who is already suspicious of your conduct, and your stomach is doing backflips like you are one misstep away from being executed on trumped-up charges. (Your own government will deny your existence, of course.) (You knew they would. You knew the risk.) (The mission has to continue with or without you.)

Anyway, flirting is rough. It’s difficult to do, and it’s especially difficult to do WELL. But even if you think you’re terrible at flirting, I guarantee you will never be as terrible as the following characters from literature.