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12 Textbooks All Students Wish They Could Buy

Can you smell it in the air? The scent of fresh glue and costly knowledge? That’s right, it’s textbook season! We’re already hunting down those academic brain-bricks, but there are some life lessons we can’t learn from books… YET. Here are the top 12 textbooks we wish we could buy.

Okay, okay—the real ones are pretty important, too. So head over to Barnes & Noble’s Textbook Store to get the best deals on new, used, and rental books!


1. Fundamentals of Chemistry (with That Hottie on Your Hall)


2. Advanced Roommate Management


3. The Norton Anthology of Subtweets


4. Intro to Human Behavior: Why They’re Not Texting Your Back Even Though You See Them Snapchatting Edition


5. Sociology of Communal Showers


6. Get Me Off This Listserv: Basics of Existential Nihilism


7. Principles of an All Macaroni & Cheese Diet


8. Intermediate Flirty Texting 😉


9. Architectural Design for the Cinderblock Dorm Dweller


10. First Time Away From Home Economics


11. Statistics That Support Your Life Choices


12. Laundry: A Theoretical Approach