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15 Book Quotes You’ll Never Be Able to Read the Same Way Again After Social Distancing

Though extremely necessary, there’s no doubt social distancing has changed us.

For instance, I can’t watch TV anymore without wondering why in God’s name everyone is standing so close together, nor can I watch someone bring home groceries in a movie without feeling the itch to disinfect the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The other day I was watching Tangled, and when Eugene lopped off Rapunzel’s hair I said aloud “MUST BE NICE” to my dog, who largely didn’t care. (I wish I had even 2% of Eugene’s talent! I can give myself a haircut and I’ll look like Courteney Cox in Scream 3, yet Eugene can give Rapunzel a super cute chin-length bob using nothing but a shard of glass and sheer gumption? Unbelievable.)

The same goes for the books. There are certain literary quotes we wouldn’t have thought twice about pre-COVID, but now? Well, now they hit different.

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