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13 Quotes That Will Instantly Cure Your Writer’s Block

The middle of November is a very chaotic time of year. Everyone’s arguing about whether we celebrate Christmas too early, the sun sets at 10 AM, and depending on where you live it’s either snowing or it’s not. That’s a lot of stuff!

And God help you if you’re doing NaNoWriMo. What, I’m just supposed to contend with the rigors of daily life and bang out a 50,000-word novel? It was fun for the first few days, but now we’re halfway through the month and I feel like I’m drowning in Google Chrome tabs and incompetence. Yes, I’m aware that I did this voluntarily! I know I can stop anytime! Shut up!

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo but you’re stuck—or even if you’re not doing NaNoWriMo but you’re still stuck—here are some helpful tips from famous writers who went through the same hell you’re going through and came out the other side.

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