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27 of the Funniest Literary Memes on Twitter

It’s tough out there in the world. College is expensive, the ocean is hot, and Netflix is putting out shows faster than I can watch them. (I know that third thing pales utterly in comparison to the first two, but it’s something I’m constantly stressed about.) 

With the world being what it is, we have to find joy where we can. Maybe, for you, this means re-reading a book you enjoyed when you were younger. Maybe it means going for a hike and becoming one with nature. Maybe it means lying in bed—immobile, sweaty, and kind of hungry but not hungry enough to get up—as you scroll through memes on your phone until a particularly good one catches your eye and you get to blow air out of your nose to acknowledge the humor, forgetting, for that one brief and shining moment, that we are all just whiling away our time before the grave.

Speaking of memes, we have a Twitter account where we make those. You’ll notice we called this post “27 of the Funniest Literary Memes on Twitter” and then humbly just filled it with stuff we made ourselves. Sue us; we’re biased. Anyway, here are some memes about books we think you’ll enjoy.

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