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6 Books You’ll HATE in High School But Love Later On

It’s hard to enjoy a book that someone’s forcing you to read. And doing it in the hellscape that is high school? Absolutely not. Lunch is at 10:30 AM, everything’s due tomorrow, and guess what? We’re running the mile in PE today, which will take you approximately 12 minutes to complete while everyone who’s already done gets to watch you struggle sweatily towards the finish line in your dumbest-looking shorts. Simply put, you’re not in the best headspace to appreciate anything in high school, much less lengthy, extremely confusing novels that were written 200 years ago.

But once you leave—a little older and a little wiser than you were when you first arrived—you’ll realize some of the books you previously skimmed are actually pretty decent. In fact, you might even call them good. These are a few of the books in question.

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