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5 Haunted Houses in Literature You Wouldn’t Want to Live In

My mom used to be a real estate agent, and she once had these clients who were desperate to sell their house because they claimed it had ghosts. They said they’d heard weird noises at night and kept coming home to find the furniture had been moved around, but the last straw was when their five-year-old kid told them a faceless man had tried to tell him a bedtime story. Yep! Okay! Sounds reasonably haunted! I’m leaving, good-bye!

No one ever showed up to the open houses. Locals knew about the alleged ghost, and they weren’t exactly lining up to move in with it, so sometimes after school I’d head over to keep my mom company. She would read a book on the porch while I explored the house, desperate for a spectral sighting. Did I get one? No. The only thing of note that ever happened was the time the toilet flushed of its own accord. 

So while I’ve never actually seen a ghost, I may have heard one flush a toilet.

Anyway, the following fictional houses are WAY more haunted than THAT, so let’s talk about them!

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