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50 Rejected Nicknames for Harry Potter

As nicknames go, “The Boy Who Lived” seems like a no-brainer. But just as Sean Parker had to tell Mark Zuckerberg to drop the “the,” lest he doom us to a world where people say “The Facebook” unironically, I’m betting it took wizards a couple of tries to get it right. Here’s everything I feel like they definitely considered before they settled on “The Boy Who Lived,” and, later on, “The Chosen One.”

1. The Boy Who Didn’t Die
2. The Boy Who Death Forgot
3. Harry Potter the Inexplicable
4. Harry Potter the Unlikely
5. The Slayer
6. Harry “The Valkyrie” Potter
7. Harry “Ice Heart” Potter
8. Harry “Mad Dog” Potter
9. Undesirable No. 78
10. The Scourge of God
11. The Last Potter
12. The Chosen Dude
13. The Undying One
14. Deathwalker
15. Scarface
16. The Lion of the West
17. The Foretold
18. Snake-talker
19. The Unchosen One
20. High King of Godric’s Hollow
21. Harry Potter, Breaker of Horses
22. The Lion-Hearted
23. The Curse of Men
24. Bringer of Death
25. The Green-Eyed Monster
26. The Iron Seeker
27. The British Charlemagne
28. Harry “Old Hickory” Potter
29. Harry “The Swamp Fox” Potter
30. Harry Potter the Benevolent
31. Harry Potter the Invincible
32. The Sword of Gryffindor
33. The Lightning Bolt Scar Guy
34. Your Grace
35. Thunderfist
36. Gunslinger
37. Harry the Pious
38. Harry the Accursed
39. Harry the Hairy
40. The Anointed One
41. The Apex Predator
42. The Prince of Chaos
43. Harry Potter, son of James Potter, son of Fleamont Potter, son of Henry Potter, son of…
44. Shepherd of the People
45. The Mockingjay
46. Prongs the Younger
47. Horcrux #7
48. The Real Roonil Wazlib
49. The Boy Who Shouldn’t Have Anything About His Life Explained to Him, Ever
50. Harold