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55 Film Adaptations of Classic Novels, Ranked

When I was in school, I couldn’t relate to my teachers, probably because most of them were adults in their forties and I was just some fifteen-year-old moron who was always forgetting to bring a pencil. But never did I feel more of a connection with these bastions of the education system than when they would put on a movie that was barely related to the topic at hand, kick back, and refuse to talk to anybody. In fact, I wish that was a strategy I could employ in my own life. “It’s a movie day,” I would say, handing out DVD copies of The Outsiders to anyone who spoke to me. “No, this won’t be on the test.”

We all need a movie day every now and again, and that goes double for teachers, who have a job that is harder and more thankless than anything I will ever do. And that’s why, if you’ve ever taken an English class, you’ve probably watched a lot of classic novel film adaptations. You probably liked some, and hated others.

But how good or bad were these movies REALLY, according Rotten Tomatoes? How do your opinions stack up against those of the world’s leading aggregate review site? Let’s find out together—beginning, of course, with the worst…

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