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7 Fictional Characters You Would Probably Hate in Real Life

I want to believe I would enjoy hanging out with my favorite fictional characters in real life, but in my heart of hearts I know nothing could be further from the truth. When I meet a new person, I have to ask myself three questions before I extend the hand of friendship: 

  1. Do we give off similar vibes? 
  2. Do they watch at least one TV show that I also watch? 
  3. Will our pizza preferences be compatible? 

Sadly, I have come to accept that most of my favorite fictional people would not meet this criteria, not least of all because most of my favorite characters live in a world where TV doesn’t exist. (What would we even talk about?) That aside, I’m cautious and unsociable, whereas the best book characters are usually spontaneous and bold and probably like their pizza with onions and bell peppers or something equally as ridiculous, and who wants to put up with that?

Although I will continue to enjoy them from afar, here are 7 fictional characters who most of us would probably hate to hang out with.