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7 Things in The Force Awakens We’re STILL Not Over

Even the most avid Star Wars person, fan-girling over everything great in The Force Awakens– from the pure, mainline awesomeness of Rey to the adorable overload of BB-8, to Poe Dameron biting his lower lip–still probably had a few things that were haunting them like the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Here are seven things about The Force Awakens that we’re still having a hard time getting over.

Oh, and of course, SPOILERS!!!

Full Spoilers for The Force Awakens ahead. Seriously. We’re telling you twice.

R2-D2 & C-3PO  Sidelined Like Chumps

One consistent feature of all six previous Star Wars films is the preponderance of R2-D2 and C-3PO.  Before The Force Awakens, the bickering droid duo probably had the least amount of screen time in Revenge of the Sith. Still, C-3PO is barely in this film at all and R2-D2 doesn’t wake up until the last five minutes! This is strange mostly because, in many ways, these two are the only honest point-of-view characters in all of Star Wars. R2-D2 for example, is basically just like Maz Kanata: a being who has been around long enough to see all sorts of stuff, and essentially knows everyone’s secrets. It makes sense to keep someone like that out of the action for a little while, but it was still weird that perhaps the most Star Wars-y people in Star Wars were given what amounted to glorified cameos.

The Fate of Maz

Speaking of Maz Kanata, the wise old pirate queen (played brilliantly by Lupita Nyong’o) was instantly our favorite person from the moment she shouted Han Solo’s name across that crazy space bar. Maz serves as a quasi-Yoda to Rey, while at the same time being wise-cracking old buddy to Han and Finn. She hooks Rey and Finn up with the old Skywalker family lightsaber and tells Han what the deal is with his marriage. Where did Maz go after the First Order attacked her cool house? All sorts of news reports claim there was initially a different scene in which Maz heads back to the Resistance Base and chills with Leia and friends; but as it stands, we don’t get to see it.  If Maz isn’t alive or even mentioned in Episode VIII, the dark side will probably win.

Han & Leia Broke Up!

This one is something we’ll probably never, ever get over. True, the original trilogy is mostly about Luke’s journey to becoming a regular grown-up who doesn’t whine all the time Jedi Knight, but it’s also in a way about Han and Leia finally getting together. So, now, with The Force Awakens, all of that was for nothing! Han and Leia got married (presumably) had a son, and then thanks to the Dark Side, decided to break up. How could the filmmakers do this to us? Leia and Han once said “I love” and “I know” to each other, and now Leia said that Han still drives her crazy. Do you think the ending of Romeo and Juliet is sad? Where everyone dies? In that play, Juliet tells us that she’d rather have tons of people die than hear one more person say Romeo is “banished.” To that, we say, let Starkiller base blow up a million more planets, just let Han and Leia stay a real couple!

Ben Solo (Kylo Ren’s) Unspeakable Acts of Horror!

Of course, it’s impossible for Han and Leia to stay a real couple, unless Han comes back as a ghost; which we know won’t happen because “that’s not how the Force works!” Han Solo is dead! Long live Han Solo! The worst part about all of this is that he was murdered by his own son, the mumble-mouthed Kylo Ren, formerly known as Ben Solo. First of all: Ben Solo is a wicked cool name and it’s crazy that this evil doer thinks Kylo Ren sounds scarier than Ben Solo. Aren’t you already more afraid of Ben Solo than Kylo?

But the real kicker is that the audience of any Star Wars movie will never be able to forgive Ben Solo/Kylo Ren for killing Han Solo. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader may have killed all the Jedi and slaughtered those sand people like “animals,” but we were able to get over that because we didn’t love those characters the way we loved Han Solo. Rey said Kylo is afraid he’ll never be “more powerful than Darth Vader,” but we already dislike him more. Vader cut-off Luke’s hand and was a jerk to Han, which makes him like a demon or a minion to darkness. What Ben Solo did makes him seem like the devil incarnate!

Is Finn in a Coma?

Recently someone sorted all the new Force Awakens characters into Hogwarts Houses and I hear that Finn was sorted into Hufflepuff. This is nonsense! Finn is clearly a Gryffindor! The bravest new character in Star Wars (this is a fact!) is also the character left seemingly on the precipice of death. After Kylo Ren knocks Finn out by slicing his back with a lightsaber (maybe?) Finn has literally zero lines for the rest of the movie because he’s asleep. If you were a little kid and you missed the line at the Resistance Base where someone says “we’ve got a heartbeat,” you might think Finn was dead! Sure, Rey kisses him on the forehead goodbye saying they’ll see each other again, but what is going to happen to Finn? When will he wake up? Does he have some latent Jedi powers? Is Poe going to teach him how to fly X-Wings so they can be even closer buddies than before? Did Rey check him into the Rebel hospital as her husband so she could get visitation rights?

Who is Rey’s Family?

There are millions of theories about this one floating around. She’s a Force-Baby (no parents), she’s a descendent of Obi-Wan Kenobi (she’s got an English accent), she’s Luke’s daughter, she’s secretly Han and Leia’s daughter… You get it. But, truly, the scary thing about the mystery of Rey’s family isn’t so much that we don’t find out in this movie, but that whatever the pay-off is in the next movie won’t be near as exciting as our not knowing now. The reason we’ll never get over this is because at this moment—before Episode VIII comes out—everything is still on the table and it’s really exciting to talk about. Once Luke says “Rey, I am your father,” it’s all downhill from there.

What Happened to Poor Luke Skywalker?

Luke! Luke! What happened to you! Leading into the pre-Star Wars hype, this question was on everyone’s lips, and by the end of the film, it was still there. Can you believe they had the audacity to show us Luke’s face but not have him speak one word!? Wow.

More importantly though, we may never fully recover from being denied the backstory of Luke’s intervening years between Return of the Jedi and “now.” The likelihood that the next film will give us a long flashblack showing Luke training Ben Solo and Ben Solo plotting to kill everyone is really, really low. Meaning, we may never get over being denied our Luke fix. If Luke is anything like his mentors Obi-Wan and Yoda, he’ll give Rey the abbreviated, Wikipedia-version of what happened, rather than telling her (and us) everything. And we want to know. We want to know so badly. Dear Yoda, does longing lead to the dark side too?

What else? Are you over The Force Awakens? Can Rogue One tide you over until Episode VIII comes out?