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8 of the Most Controversial Endings in Literature

It’s not easy to write the end of a book. (I’d like to see you try it!) You can write a phenomenal story, but if the denouement is a dissatisfying, anti-climactic mess of loose ends and unanswered questions, well, that’s all anyone’s going to remember.

Now, I’m sure at least one person (maybe even two!) will take issue with the books I’ve included on this list. “Not everyone hated the ending to [BOOK]!” you might say indignantly. “I liked it!” Look, I understand! I’ve been there! I like green olives on my pizza, and everyone in my life hates me for it! I’m on your side! 

But you and I are going to need to come to terms with our statistical insignificance here. We’re lone truth-tellers among the incorrect masses, sure, but we’re a drop in the bucket. Everyone hates green olives. Everyone also hated certain endings to certain books. These, I’m sorry to say, are those endings.

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