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All of Rory’s Boyfriends Are Coming Back for the Gilmore Girls Revival, So It’s Time for Us to Have a Very Serious Conversation

In case you somehow haven’t heard, a Gilmore Girls revival is in the works. Watching these new episodes will cut into the 60 hours a week that I already spend watching the old episodes (seriously, it’s like a full-time job), and I’m fine with it.

Returning characters so far include Rory and Lorelei (obviously), plus Luke “FLANNEL” Danes, Emily Gilmore, Paris Geller, Lane Kim (now Van Gerbig)—even Kirk, whose last name I discovered after a single Google search is Gleason. In fact, it’s looking like the only familiar faces we won’t be seeing are Richard (rest in peace, Edward Herrmann, you brilliant mustachioed patriarch) and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy wasn’t asked, because… scheduling? Or they hate joy and all things good? Who knows?).

Yep. That means all of Rory’s boyfriends are returning, too. Jared Padalecki, who played Dean and might just be the tallest man alive, recently announced his involvement with the project. This completes the controversial romantic trifecta, which previously included Milo Ventimiglia as Jess “MYSTERIOUS BAD BOY RUFFIAN” Mariano and Matt Czuchry as Logan “PRETTY RICH BOY WITH A HEART OF GOLD” Huntzberger.

Now, the core of the Rory story was always her witty, rapid-fire rapport with the Stars Hollow misfit brigade, her freakish closeness with her mother, and her own personal dream of becoming a journalist. But Alexis Bledel has the face of a glorious, ageless, blue-eyed angel, and it just wouldn’t have done for her not to have love interests. The boyfriends in question have always been a source of contention—all of them were well-written characters with flaws, and we as a society just can’t quite agree upon which of them was the best and which of them was dumb and awful and maybe deserved to be killed in a freak Stars Hollow town-square gazebo malfunction.

Do you guys have an opinion? Of course you do. Everyone has an opinion. I’m partial to Dean, but that’s only because I once met Jared Padalecki at a Supernatural convention and he tried to strangle me with my scarf during our photo together. It was the best day of my life. Can confirm: he is prettier (and taller) than any man has a right to be, and he sure knows how to wear a T-shirt.

So: who was the best of boyfriends, and who was the worst of boyfriends? Please discuss. Use references and examples to support your position, and always cite your sources.

[Via Variety.]