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The Best Banter in Marvel Movies, RANKED

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The day has finally arrived! Captain America: Civil War is here, which means we’re due for another round of delightful banter by the superheroes of Marvel. Sure, they’ll probably have to fight some sort of bad guy and the world will be in peril once again (blah blah blah), but that’s all white noise compared to the sweet sound of Loki and Thor verbally sparring like Shakespearean players who’ve been hit with the sarcasm stick. In honor of this glorious cinematic occasion, we’ve ranked all ten Marvel Cinematic Universe films in order from banter-game-solid to we-will-worship-at-your-godly-banter-feet. It was a difficult task to be sure, as we love all of our superheroes equally. But let’s be honest—Cap is sincere, sweet, and schmexy AF, but he’s just not that funny. It’s okay. We still love him. Like, a lot. Those abs, guys. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND. Let the banter begin!