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Blogging Animal Farm

HERE’S THE SITUATION: Last month, we asked you to vote on what book you’d like us to blog this summer in order to make your required reading assignment (and your life) exponentially less awful. Well, the people have spoken, and because this is not (YET) a terrifying, metaphorical farm full of vicious, sentient, Communist animals who brutally suppress the voice of the electorate, we have listened—and thus are bringing you Blogging Animal Farm (the latest entry in our beloved Blogging the Classics series). Every week, we’ll be re-capping George “G-Eazy” Orwell’s anti-fascism dairy-based parable—so if you’re interested in the rise of autocrats, communist state-building, and/or heifers, then take my hand, and off we’ll skip to Manor Farm.

Chapters 1 & 2

Chapters 3 & 4

Chapters 5 & 6

Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 9

The Finale