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BREAKING: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child is Being Published in Book Form!

It finally happened, Sparklers. Since last we spoke, I dropped enough hints, sent enough tweets @jkrowling, and ritually sacrificed enough mere mortals to the wizarding gods to secure us the honor of experiencing JK Rowling’s new two-part play. We may never know which of those things actually cinched the deal, but does it matter? We’re getting the script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child—”officially the eighth story in Harry Potter canon,” as per Pottermore—in the form of an eBook and a hardcover! Hats in the air! We did it! On that note, was anyone else tweeting her? Were you guys also making human sacrifices? Did all of us need to be doing this? Maybe we should have coordinated better.

The play premieres this summer on July 30. The script will be published (both digitally and in print) the next day, on July 31, also known as Harry’s birthday. This will be the “Special Rehearsal Edition” of the script. Later, a “Definitive Collector’s Edition” will be made available, since changes are often made to a script during previews prior to opening night.

If you’re just now joining the party, the plot of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will pick up right where the series left off—Harry is now a Ministry employee and father of three, while his son Albus is struggling to live up to the family name. My own personal prediction is that Harry and Draco Malfoy become next-door neighbors who passive-aggressively fling gnomes into each other’s yards while shrieking obscenities. (Are you there, J.K. Rowling? It’s me, Elodie. Don’t force me to sacrifice someone to make this happen, because I’ll do it.)

Also, if you’re just now joining the party, CONGRATULATIONS. You got to skip right past the part where the rest of us openly wept for seven months straight because the play is happening in London, and we don’t live there. I mean, it’s not like we’re getting a DVD recording of the production, but… honestly? Given the scope of the project, the level of general interest, and the size of the Potter fandom worldwide? I wouldn’t put it past them. Keep an Extendable Ear out.

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