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CALLING ALL SPARKLERS: What’s the Absolute WORST Book You Were Required to Read for School?

Somewhere around 100% of you have had to read for school, and that’s kind of a mixed bag. For every spectacular, life-changing book you GET to read, there’s a burning garbage dump of a novel that you HAVE to read. Most people suck it up and do the reading anyway, because they have to and because there’s a quiz on Monday. Some people wait seven years and then ruin The Great Gatsby by blogging about it weekly. We all have ways of coping.

But sometimes you don’t simply dislike a book—sometimes you hate it. Sometimes you hate your teacher for teaching it, and you hate the author for writing it, and you don’t even “read” it so much as you skim it bitterly, your eyeballs filled with the fires of loathing.

For me, this book was Wuthering Heights. I hated Wuthering Heights. I hated every minute that Heathcliff and Catherine were waffling about with their so-called feelings, because this was time I could have otherwise spent catching them all in Pokemon Red while shoving fistfuls of Cheese Nips in my face and never going outside. Are you happy, Emily Brontë? You know what you did.

Now it’s your turn. I anger-barfed about Wuthering Heights and now I’m passing on the sharing stick. What syllabus-mandated torture tome did you guys hate most?

We despised 1984 TO THE MAX. Hit us with your all-time least-fave piece of required reading below!