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CapNiss? Thorzzie? We’ve Crossed Fictional Universes to Bring You These ‘Ships!

Do you spend your time imagining all of your favorite characters hanging out at some sort of intergalactic-cross-series-time-travel arcade bar named something SUPER cool, like The Hero’s Downfall or Tater Universe? Then we are on the same page. After all, the best part of The Avengers isn’t all the world-saving and stuff blowing up—IT’S THE BANTER. I could live solely off of Thor and Loki’s rapid-fire rapport for my entire life. And the best part of The Avengers: Age of Ultron? Obviously the scene where they all trash-talk and try to pick up Thor’s hammer! Basically, we don’t really care about the action part of action movies; what we really want to see is all of our best-loved characters brought together over Catchphrase and Butterbeer at a killer PAR-TAY at The Lost Chapter (okay, we have not officially decided on the bar/bowling alley/laser tag rink’s name yet).
But, more to the point, do you know what would happen if that much awesome started chilling together in one sweet locale? LOVE! How could they resist? Their hands meet reaching for the Catchphrase timer thingy… and time stands still as two souls become one. (Did we mention that we think about this a lot?)
Love at first sight is inevitable when so much fictional chemistry is brewing. And we know exactly what would go down when these meant-to-bes meet.
All illustrations by the crazy-talented Lila Selle!