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Check Out the Brand-New Fantastic Beasts Trailer, Featuring the Unsung Hero of Hufflepuff!

As if a BRAND-NEW TRAILER weren’t enough, Barnes & Noble stores across the American nation are preparing to celebrate the publication of the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2 play with midnight release parties on July 31. Details here!

Some day I will run out of things to say about Eddie Redmayne’s wizard hair, but today is not that day, and his resplendent ginger coif is a phenomenon. Related: today we got some brand-new Fantastic Beasts footage featuring Eddie’s coat of dreams, Colin Farrell’s incredulous eyebrows, and J.K. Rowling herself as she waxes poetic on the subject of unlikely heroes.


Now, I want to draw your attention to several things:

  • I could listen to “Hedwig’s Theme” for the rest of my life.
  • Why was Newt able to smuggle an entire magical menagerie into America whereas I once had to watch airport security go through my underwear because my duffel bag was like 50% candy and they just couldn’t believe anyone would have that much candy? I know, it was the 1920s. It was a different time. Still.
  • I identify with Jacob, the token Muggle friend. Jacob is the one who opens the Pandora’s Box of Newt Scamander’s special suitcase. Jacob is awkward and easily flustered, and he is a mess. Jacob and I are one.
  • Colin Farrell doesn’t say a word the entire time, but I still feel like I would follow him into battle.
  • What is the Groot-looking creature that refuses to smile for Eddie Redmayne, and what is its problem? Does it realize who Eddie Redmayne is?
  • It looks like a Mandrake before the Mandrake grows up and becomes terrifying.
  • I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I see one of these trailers I’m seven years old again and magic is real and I start getting weepy.

We still have to wait until November 18th before we get to see Newt hero-jump knees-first off that building and straight into our dumb, sentimental hearts. Until then, stay strong, Hufflepuffs. We can make it. We have to.