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Classic Literary Characters as Desserts

A lot of random thoughts may cross your mind on a daily basis, but are any of them “What kind of dessert best exemplifies this particular character from classic literature?” Probably not. However, I bet you’re thinking about it NOW, so here’s what we came up with.

Daisy Buchanan
A pink macaron is as sweet, compact, and adorable as Daisy, and will probably get you into an accident if you let it drive.

Mr. Rochester
The crème brûlée, not unlike Mr. Rochester, gets better with a little bit of fire. Case rested.

Lady Macbeth
Cranachan has been called the uncontested king of Scottish dessert, and we all know that Lady Macbeth would have made a better king than her husband. Also, this raspberry-filled pudding has red spots to spare. And they’re definitely not coming out.

A kid as fickle as Romeo deserves a dessert to match, and what would be better than a soufflé? Both Romeo and soufflés need a lot of attention, and both have a tendency to fall apart right at the end.

Mr. Darcy
Three words: Sussex pond pudding. Doesn’t that just sound like the most British thing you’ve ever heard? Besides, ponds are an important element of the accepted Pride and Prejudice canon (yes, the 1995 version counts). And the Sussex pond pudding has a whole lemon inside that is more sweet than bitter. Tell me that is not Darcy. I dare you!

Jane Eyre
If there is a character that would never be a dessert, it’s Jane Eyre. Plain, kind, and wholesome, she has the soul of bread. The multigrain kind. And she’s exactly the sort of person who would consider bread a dessert.

Ebenezer Scrooge
A financier is a small, simple almond cake that resembles a gold brick bar of a banker. It’s nothing showy or expensive, but it SCREAMS money. 

What says “a tragic girl drowned amidst flowers” more than a floral jelly? 

Claude Frollo
Religieuse is a French pastry that is as strict about its moral and dress code as Frollo. The likeness is uncanny.

Elizabeth Bennet
A trifle is a stunning yet simple English dessert that brings a smile to everyone’s faces, just like a certain literary character we all know and love.