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Edgar Allan Poe Stories Ranked by How Creepy They Are

You may know Edgar Allan Poe as the guy who wrote that thing about the raven. What you may not know is that he wrote lots of other things besides that. In addition to ravens, he liked writing about unrequited love, dead ladies, bad dreams, dead ladies, eyeballs, dead ladies, and ladies who had to die so that the male narrator could have feelings. Dude had some serious range.

I kid, of course. Poe wrote about lots of stuff, and all of it was wonderfully, deliciously creepy. But you know as well as I do that creepiness exists on a spectrum. There’s a difference between “yikes, that was unsettling” creepy and “LET ME JUST CHECK BEHIND THE SHOWER CURTAIN REAL QUICK BEFORE I GO TO THE BATHROOM, NO REASON, IT’S JUST SOMETHING I NEED TO DO” creepy. 

So today, I’m going to be ranking his stories and poems (some feature dead ladies, some don’t) based upon utter creepiness.

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