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Every Chapter in The Great Gatsby Summed Up in a Single Sentence

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We’ve all been there. You put off the reading for as long as you possibly could, and now it’s the night before the essay is due—the eleventh hour—and you’re frantically, desperately Googling things like “Every chapter in The Great Gatsby summed up in a single sentence” in a last-ditch effort to not fail English. Little did you know, someone actually DID take the time to sum up every chapter of The Great Gatsby in a single sentence, and that person was me. (But I’m no hero. I eat my trail mix one M&M at a time just like everybody else.)

But anyway, this is good news! You don’t HAVE to resign yourself to being a dropout and an unlettered hobo! All you have to do now is click through this slideshow.

(And if you’re interested, we summed up every scene in Hamlet in a single-ish sentence, too. You’re MOST welcome.)