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Fictional Characters Who Would Make the Worst Prom Dates, Ranked

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There are many ways prom can go wrong (your corsage catches fire, the apocalypse happens, the music is just “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt over and over), but the worst is when your date is revealed in the fullness of time to be Bad. A bad prom date ditches you to hang out with their friends. A bad prom date throws up on your shoes. A bad prom date introduces you to their parents as “the one” when you thought you guys were just going as friends. 

Now, there are many fictional characters I would LIKE to go to prom with (Sirius Black, Elizabeth Bennet, Benvolio), but it is far and away more interesting to talk about the ones I wouldn’t go to prom with if my life depended on it. Here they are, ranked from “bad, but not exactly terrible” to “exactly terrible.”