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How to Enter Our Textbook Sweepstakes and Win at Life

Don’t get up off your flamingo pool lilo just yet, but know that school goes back IMMINENTLY. Like, it’s almost time to towel-off.

Assuming you *don’t* have a key to a secret vault filled with gold, that means you’ll need to buy or rent a wagon of textbooks, which can really strip you of your fortune. LUCKILY, we know where you can find steep discounts (up to 90% off!) on new and used textbooks (*cough Barnes & Noble*), as well as textbooks you can rent for 60-130 days.

And because we want you to spend your money on the important things (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; a semester’s supply of Ring Pops; a pallet of La Croix) we are running a sweepstakes with MAJOR TEXTBOOK $$$ at stake.

Click here to enter the SparkNotes Textbook Sweepstakes between August 15 and August 31, for a chance to win

  • 1st prize of a $1000 Barnes & Noble gift card, or
  • 2nd prize of a $500 Barnes & Noble gift card

Entry is open to U.S. residents aged 13 and up, and closes at MIDNIGHT EDT on AUGUST 31, 2016. Full rules here.