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How to Use Celebrities As Verbs

It’s hard to keep up with all of the lingo that the cool kids are spouting these days. Luckily for you, we keep a running tab of all of the terms that hit the cultural zeitgeist, since we know they will ~eventually~ show up on your SATs. And as celebrities have outpaced science, literature, and puppies as the most important influencers of the world, it only makes sense that many of these fresh-off-the-press terms revolve around their fascinating personalities and lives. So, go forth, and conjugate confidently, knowing you are as cutting edge as it gets.


To Kanye: To trash someone else publicly and call it art.

Used in a sentence: My friend Kanyed me hardcore when he used a photo of me eating a burger (MY ONE LAPSE FROM VEGANHOOD BECAUSE I HAD LOW IRON) in his fine arts thesis on “The Hypocrisy of Millennials.”

To T-Swift: To confuse everyone you encounter by being both effortlessly sincere and fake at the same time.

Used in a sentence: I have no idea if Riley and I are friends because she totally T-Swifted, giving me a handmade, bedazzled invitation for her sleepover, but then telling everyone not to talk to me because I wore green to the party.

To Kylo Ren: To flip out like a hormonal teenager, when you’re not a hormonal teenager.

Used in a sentence: This morning my math teacher totally Kylo Ren-ed and knocked all of the books off of his desk when one of his students started talking about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child spoilers.

To DiCaprio: To work tirelessly towards a goal, only to realize your life has no meaning after achieving it.

Used in a sentence: I always worry that without that intense and urgent motivation to get up and train, Olympians are going to DiCaprio after they’re done competing.

To Affleck: To finally build momentum and gain respect, only to lose it all at once.

Used in a sentence: I have never seen someone Affleck so perfectly as when Bobby volunteered at the food kitchen three weeks in a row then admitted he only did it to hit on Cindy Harding.

To Adele: To achieve perfection and still seem chill beyond words.

Used in a sentence: Only Kristen could Adele like that by throwing a board game night to celebrate getting perfect SAT scores, being accepted into all the Ivy League colleges, and offered a paid internship for Anna Wintour as a freshman.

To Obama: To go entirely unappreciated, but just keeping doing your bad self anyway.

Used in a sentence: Hermione knew that there was no way Harry would have saved the Wizarding World without her, but she Obama-ed like a boss and continued being the cleverest and kindest wizard of her age.

To Kit Harington: To lie your face off and then be like “just kidding!”

Used in a sentence: I almost killed Dylan when he Kit Haringtoned he other day—he told me there was absolutely no way he was asking me to prom then surprised me with a massive “PROM?”-shaped cookie.

To Jonas: To shock everyone by still being a thing.

Used in a sentence: Pokemon Go Jonased and managed to still be relevant years after it was originally cool.

To J-Law: To do and say whatever you want, because you’re that good.

Used in a sentence: To John Watson’s immense annoyance, Sherlock Holmes can get away with J-Lawing constantly because he knows just how exceptional he truly is.

To Bieber: To apologize profusely while continuing the behavior that warranted the apology.

Used in a sentence: Jenny broke up with Alex because she knew he was Biebering when he said sorry for cheating on her but kept texting other girls.

To Selena Gomez: To sneak up under everyone and take over the world.

Used in a sentence: The U.S. is likely still in denial about how China has entirely Selena Gomezed.

To Woodley: To only ever do one thing, just over and over again.

Used in a sentence: The first time Todd did his R2-D2 impression it was cute, but he’s just Woodleying now because he never even tries to do C-3PO, let alone anyone else.

To Beyonce: To rule, unquestionably.

Used in a sentence: When Kelly started at a new school she immediately Beyonced by dating the hottest guy in school, getting straight As, and starring in the spring production of Beauty and the Beast as both Belle and the Beast.

To Rowling: To give beautiful, life-changing gifts on a regular basis.

Used in a sentence: After winning the lottery, Sam Rowlinged and gave away money on a weekly basis to help other people live their dreams.

Are you ready to add some fresh celeb adjectives to your vocabulary too?