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How Well Do You Know Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

So far, Sparklers, you’ve aced every Harry Potter test we’ve Accio’d your way, and you’re probably feeling prettttty good right about now. You might be sassin’ professors right and left. You might even be strutting through the halls just like your father did (excuse us while we use our Marauder’s fanfic to mop our brows).

But this test could pull the hippogriff out from under you. This test is the Triwizard Tournament, if the Triwizard Tournament took place in an airless inferno populated by Mandrakes. It’s finding seven Horcruxes, then realizing that you’re actually the eighth Horcrux and nobody told you UGH DUMBLEDORE WHYYYYY. It’s asking a girl to the Yule Ball, if your name is Ron Weasley and your form of flirting is to basically have a panic blackout and die.

So what do you think, Sparklers? Are you up to the challenge? Do you have the courage to continue? Then ONWARD, Dumbeldorks, to fame, glory, and trophies that are hopefully NOT portkeys leading to Cedric Diggory’s death! (Sorry, Ced.)

PS. Just to make things EXTRA impossible, these questions are arranged in no order whatsoever, so if you were depending upon finely-honed sense of chronology to help you, then friend, you are straight out of Felix Felicis.

This quiz was originally published in June 2016

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