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If Hogwarts Had the Internet

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I’ve always wanted to go to Hogwarts more than anything on this earth, but I’m also a hopeless Internet-addicted youth and probably what’s wrong with modern society, so that whole “no technology” thing would be a real bummer. The first thing I do every day is check my email, and the last thing I do is get mad about something I saw on Facebook. My iPad is my constant companion. I went to summer camp once and snuck my phone in because, I don’t know, what if there was a bear and I needed to quickly Google “what to do if there’s a bear”?

Look, if I had to, I’m sure I could forgo the Internet in favor of wizardry. Twitter doesn’t hold a single bewitched floating candle to LITERALLY CHANGING A TURTLE INTO A TEACUP WITH MAGIC. But what if I didn’t have to forgo anything? What if I could have both Hogwarts AND the Internet? What would that even look like?

You know what’s next. We both know why you’re here. Click on. This is exactly what that would look like.