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If the Characters from Pride and Prejudice Had Tinder

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Dating was really difficult back in 1813. It’s not exactly a walk in the park now, either, mostly because you’ve got to go to a movie with someone you met online who may or may not be a murderer while concealing the fact that you found him on Facebook so now you weirdly know the names of all his aunts.

But back in 1813 it was even worse. Back then, you would find a suitable person at a country dance—preferably someone richer and more attractive than you—and then engage in this bananas courtship ritual that involved strolling through gardens and playing the pianoforte at dinner parties. Eventually the man would propose marriage, a dowry would be settled upon, and both parties would just have to deal with one other until they died.

I feel like with Tinder, we could have really streamlined this process. I spend a lot of time imagining what fictional characters’ Tinders would look like, but truthfully, there is no book that needs the Tinder treatment more than Pride and Prejudice.