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Make the Most of Your Summer with UW-Milwaukee’s Online Courses!

What are you doing this summer? is one of those scary, stress-inducing questionsIt’s not quite as bad as What are you going to major in? or, heaven forbid, What are you doing with the rest of your life?, but it’s up there!

Because really, who wants to choose just one thing? Should you attempt to break the world record for most time spent in a hammock, or should you get ahead on your college credits so you can strut into the fall semester feeling like a boss? 

If you feel like you couldn’t possibly choose between your free-spirited and your go-getting selves, then do yourself a favor and check out UW-Milwaukee’s online summer courses

With hundreds of online courses, you can earn credits toward a degree from anywhere. What do you call a Type-A free spirit, anyway? Might we suggest a Type-A+? 

With UWM online, you’ll find a vast array of classes—because let’s be honest, isn’t “Introduction to Leisure” best studied from the comfort of a hammock? Or maybe you want to make your mark on the web with “Introduction to Programming.” News junkie? “The Politics of Nuclear Weapons” might be right up your alley. 

No matter what your interests—or your degree-filling needs—may be, there’s a course for you, especially if you’re looking to learn outside the box, and outside the classroom! Online summer courses can travel with you, wherever you’re going. UWM’s online summer course offer you more flexibility than a double-jointed yoga instructor. 

With UWM’s online summer courses, you don’t have to choose between getting ahead and going your own way. You can be Type-A+.

Whatever you’re doing this summer, UW-Milwaukee’s online summer session is right there with you. Check out their course catalog, and see what you can learn!