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Molly Weasley’s NEW AND IMPROVED Christmas Sweaters

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I want lots of stuff. Peace on earth. Dark chocolate. A statue of myself and a parade in my honor. But what I want most of all is a Weasley sweater. In fact, I want a Weasley sweater so badly that I once went so far as to take up knitting, but things happened, people got hurt, and I’m not supposed to talk about it.

Now, the Weasley sweaters of yesteryear were great. They were. But society evolves, you see, and I think we have to come to terms with the fact that Molly Weasley would’ve definitely upped her sweater game by now. That’s why I joined forces with artistic genius and modern marvel Steffi Lynn to figure out what the crap that would even look like. And I don’t want to say we had too much fun with it, but someone definitely should have stopped us before we photoshopped Snape’s head onto one.

Are you ready for the best sweater-related slideshow you’ll see all year?