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QUIZ: Can You Guess the Fictional Character from a Bad One-Sentence Description?

I’ve always had a penchant for trickery. One time when I was five years old I told my mother the kitchen was on fire, and when she came running I informed her that the kitchen wasn’t on fire, then proceeded to ask if I could have a cookie. (I figured she would be in a good mood at this point, given that there was no actual fire, and would want to reward me, the bearer of this good news, with a Snickerdoodle. Alas, she did not!)

Now here we are 20 years later, standing on the precipice of a quiz in which I attempt to trick you by giving you bad, deliberately misleading one-sentence descriptions of famous fictional characters and you try to guess who I’m talking about. Who will prevail? I, the maker of this quiz, or you, the person who was just bored enough to click on it?

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