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QUIZ: How Many of These Literary Jeopardy! Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

I don’t mind telling you I watch Jeopardy! like a middle-aged father of two might watch Monday Night Football. I shout at the TV; I jump up from the couch; I throw my hands in the air whenever someone misses the Daily Double. Do I get the questions right? Of course not! I was never in this for the glory. I’m here for one reason and one reason alone: to sometimes watch incredibly intelligent people say things like “Who is Lady Gaga?”

The only category in which I have but the barest smattering of confidence is literature. Don’t bother asking me about geography or math; I don’t know where anything is, and I forgot the quadratic formula the second I got my diploma. But books? I can hold my own with books, sometimes. (The conditions have to be just right. The moon has to be full, the waves still, the animals ominously quiet.)

Can you, too, hold your own when it comes to books? Here are twenty literary questions (or answers, whatever) that they’ve previously asked on Jeopardy! (I got all of them right, if you’re curious. No one was there, though; you’ll just have to take my word for it.)

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