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QUIZ: What’s Your Celeb Instagram Personality?

We’ve all got that friend who still thinks duckface selfies are in style and it’s secondhand embarrassing because NO. And then there’s that other acquaintance who treats their feed like a visual food diary — yes, even that sloppy plate of scrambled eggs s/he ate yesterday morning. Yuck. And you just wanna scream “staaaahhhp,” but you’re way too nice, so you do the double-tap anyway and scroll on down for something better.

Even celebs have their own little whimsies, and we thought it’d be fun to see which famous feed is your digital doppelgänger! Take this quick quiz and find out who you’re totally twinning with online right now.

1. It’s Friday night. What do you do?

A. You’ll find me at the movies, mall — or wait, how late does the ice cream shop stay open on Fridays again?
B. Round up the girls and have a (decaf) coffee fiesta fit with a throwback karaoke session for the nine millionth time.
C. Cruise the web, snuggle with the furbabies, and then hit the hay super duper early because zZzzZ.
D. Ponder the infinite abyss and send another quick signal to the aliens that are definitely chilling in wait for your ping.
E. Finish that book that’s been toying with your emotions all week, OBVIOUSLY.

2. How many of your BFFs are legit forever status?

A. One because I am the best friend I could ever have.
B. All of them. Every. Last. One. HUGSSSSS.
C. My BF/GF is the only person on my speed dial, womp. Does the dog count?
D. I’m still waiting on my true sister soul mate to arrive into my life.
E. I’ve got a few long-timers and a lot of potential candidates.

3. Your #1 must-do beauty ritual is:

A. My sweater game simply *has* to be on point before I can step out the door.
B. I’m all about working the daily cat-eye, red lip makeup regimen.
C. Hand me that exfoliator because my face needs to feel fresh 24/7.
D. I really need my hair to be styled just right each and every morning, ya’ll.
E. My nails need to be chip-free and cute at all times.

4. What’s your favorite kind of pet?

A. Doggies are the ultimate, and you could never convince me otherwise.
B. I’m all about that cat life. Meow!
C. Wolves and other exotics do NOT get enough credit for being awesome, IMHO.
D. Ehhh, no thanks. Humans are animal enough for my pal preferences.
E. I can’t choose because they’re all adorable and wonderful and all the things!!

5. Pick a post-dinner treat for tonight. 

A. Popsicles.
B. Cookies.
C. Coffee.
D. Fruit.
E. Gumballs.

6. Finish this sentence: “One word I’d use to describe myself might be _______.”

A. Lazy.
B. Friendly.
C. Fierce.
D. Unique.
E. Goofy.

7. How do you like to work out?

A. Exercise? Nahhh.
B. Dancing of course!
C. Classic cardio champ at your sweaty service.
D. Swimming is sweet.
E. I like to hike.

Tally up the letters and find out your results below!

Mostly As: Marnie the Dog. This is totally the [YOUR NAME HERE] show, and everyone’s a witness to your wacky wonderfulness. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there to the world to take it or leave it, and you are unapologetically dork because silly faces are your go-to pose.

Mostly Bs: Taylor Swift. Your friends give you life, and you’re all about capturing those memorable moments which seem to happen to your crew a lot lately. Sure, you can be a little humble-braggy and earn a few eyerolls along the way, but you know exactly which direction any haters can go if they don’t like your slick style (to the left).

Mostly Cs: Demi Lovato. You are on a straight MISSION to prove that your beauty is not skin-deep. You are so not about covering up the real you for anybody, which means you’re filter-free and proud, thankyouverymuch.

Mostly Ds: Willow Smith. You like to keep an eye on the bigger pictures of this crazy thing we call life, and you’re especially into all the artistry that’s just waiting to be discovered. You’re good for a selfie or two when you’re feeling one with your surroundings, but what you’re more about on the ‘Gram is spitting knowledge about what’s ~really~ out there.

Mostly Es: Zooey Deschanel. Your feed is a quirky blend of not-even-trying-but-still-adorable pouty selfies interspersed with your feline friends and roasted squash dinner snaps. You’re a little shy about going all-in with the solo shots, but when your pals are around, that front-facing camera is gonna do some WORK.