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Everything Taylor Swift Taught Us About Life

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There is a Taylor Swift song for every season of the heart. She’s there to cry with you when he cheats, insults you on national television, or takes you to some sort of rave in the desert. She’s there to crush your arch nemesis when they steal your back-up dancers or… pretty much anything else, as long as you’re in her squad and they’re not. She’s there to reassure you life both IS and IS NOT a fairy tale—which ALWAYS makes you feel better. And she’s there when you’re REALLY SURE that he should be YOURS and not hers (see: Better Than Revenge, Speak Now, You Belong With Me). Tay may be a lyrical genius, but following all the lessons of her magical oeuvre of songs doesn’t guarantee success and happiness beyond your Wildest Dreams. It doesn’t hurt to listen to them on repeat just in case though.