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The 5 Most Messed-Up Movies We All Had to Watch in School

Life is a rich tapestry. We’re different people from all walks of life, but you know what unites us? The fact that we all love a movie day.

It’s the one great universal truth, and it always happens the same way: the lights go off, the teacher struggles with the technology for anywhere between 5 and 40 minutes while your classmates say tentatively helpful things like “Have you tried changing the input mode?” or “I think it’s on mute,” you watch Dead Poet’s Society, you take just enough notes to prove you were paying attention, and that’s it! You’re done for the day!

However, sometimes things go awry, and the movie in question turns out to be a nightmare of cinema that will scar you for life. Here are five of the movies teachers love to traumatize us with.

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