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The Awkwardest Awkwardness Vlog: PART 1

It’s Throwback Thursday, so we cracked open the SparkLife vault and dusted this baby off for ya. You’re welcome and/or WE’RE SORRY. 

As one of the country’s—nay, the world’s—foremost expert on all things awkward, I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with awkwardness on today’s vlog. As you can see, whizz got OUT-OF-HAND-LONG (8 minutes?! IT’S A VLOG, DAGGER, NOT A LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE), so I decided to split it into two parts (the next one will go up next week)—which essentially means you’re getting 2 vlogs for the price of 1. JACKPOT.

OH, and one more thing before you press play: CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS? Like, the titles of books and that giant blue “@” sign behind my head? IS THIS SOME SORT OF MIND-BENDING VLOG PARADIGM? I honestly can’t figure it out. I’M A SPARKITOR, DAMMIT, NOT A NASA ASTRONAUT.

THANK GOURDS THAT’S OVER. If you want to watch the infamous, barf-ridden Chris Hemsworth interview and hear what his accent ACTUALLY sounds like, click here. Done? Good. Then go to the comments and GIVE ME ALL YOUR AWKWARDS.