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We’re (FINALLY) Getting a TV Adaptation of John Green’s Looking for Alaska!

I thought empires would rise and fall, whole civilizations would crumble, and the sun would swallow the earth before we got a Looking for Alaska adaptation, and that’s not because I’m a cynic at heart and hate happiness. It’s because things have been looking bleak on that front FOREVER. 

Time and time again, we’ve asked John Green about a Looking for Alaska movie. And time and time again, John Green has taken to Twitter or YouTube to tell us that the project has once again fallen apart.

Director Josh Schwartz (who brought us The O.C.) has been trying to get this thing off the ground ever since the book came out in 2005. Back then, the rights were acquired by Paramount Pictures, but nothing ever happened. Then The Fault in Our Stars came out in theaters in 2014 and was WILDLY SUCCESSFUL, so Paramount decided to take a second look at the Alaska screenplay and even started casting it. For whatever reason, the film was shelved once more. It looked like my greatest desire on earth (having Andre Braugher play the no-nonsense, rule-aboding dean of Culver Creek commonly referred to as The Eagle) would have to remain a faraway dream.

But it was just announced by Deadline that Josh Schwartz will be teaming up with Stephanie Savage (best known for developing Gossip Girl) to bring an eight-episode Looking for Alaska series to Hulu!

AT LAST. AT LONG LAST. No word yet on casting or a premiere date, but I think what’s important here is IT’S HAPPENING. It’s been 84 years, but we’re finally getting the Looking for Alaska adaptation for which the masses have been clamoring.

[Via Deadline.]