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What the Characters from The Great Gatsby Would Be Watching on Netflix

The Great Gatsby is a tragic story in which lots of rich people make terrible decisions, and I firmly believe every bad thing that happens over the course of the story is avoidable—or it would be, if everyone had Netflix.

See, I could be out there throwing wild parties every Saturday and falling in love with other people’s wives, but I’m not. Do you know what I’m doing instead? Watching John Mulaney on Netflix is what. I simply don’t have TIME to be getting murdered in a pool when Netflix is putting out new seasons of Nailed It! faster than I can watch them, and the only reason I’m not currently running over innocent bystanders with my car while the American Dream shatters before my very eyes is because I need to binge-watch The Umbrella Academy before somebody spoils it for me.

So maybe Netflix would have solved everyone’s problems. Or maybe it wouldn’t have done anything of the sort. Either way, here’s what the characters of The Great Gatsby would be watching on Netflix.