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What the Wives of Henry VIII Would Be Watching on Netflix

The ill-fated wives of Henry VIII didn’t have Netflix, of course—mostly they just had jousting, bread, and the plague—but that shouldn’t stop us from guessing what would have been in their queues. 

Confession: I’m obsessed with the Tudor period. I have researched it, taken classes on the subject, and watched the historically inaccurate (but cinematically GORGEOUS) Showtime series not just once but twice. And I did all of this in the hopes that one day I would have a job where I’d get to guess what Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, and the rest of them would be binge-watching on Netflix when they weren’t busy 1) navigating the politics of court, and 2) trying not to get murdered by Henry’s fragile ego.

As it turns out, dreams do come true. I have that job. So here is what I believe the wives of Henry VIII would be queueing up to watch.