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What favor does Roy perform for the wife of a visiting judge?

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What is Mr. Lies's profession?

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Where do Joe and Louis first meet?

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What does Prior reveal to Harper when they meet in their mutual dream/hallucination scene?

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Which Biblical story does Joe say fascinated him as a child?

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Where does Louis meet an anonymous stranger for sex?

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What does Roy make Martin Heller do to prove loyalty to him?

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Who does Joe drunkenly telephone from a pay phone in the middle of the night?

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Why were Prior I and Prior II selected from among Prior's ancestors to prepare the way for the Angel?

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What is the name of Belize's favorite paperback novel?

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Where does the homeless woman in the South Bronx successfully direct Hannah?

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What sense does Louis tell Joe is intimately connected to sex?

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How does Harper say she obtained a pine tree in Prospect Park?

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How does Belize cheer up Prior while Henry waits impatiently?

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Why does Roy blackmail Martin Heller?

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Which of the following is one of the Sacred Prophetic Implements the Angel gives Prior?

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On what day did God abandon Heaven forever?

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How does Joe attempt to prove his love for Louis while they are sitting on the beach?

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How does Prior escape from Joe after their encounter in the courthouse?

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What is Prior's favorite place in New York City?

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Why does Louis ultimately turn against Joe?

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Before he dies, what does Roy deceive Ethel into doing that fills him with glee?

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How do Louis and Belize thank Roy for his supply of AZT?

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What does Rabbi Chemelwitz say is the principal form of entertainment in Heaven?

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Where does Harper depart for at the end of the play?